FAQ. Questions and answers.
What kind of clothing and extras should I bring?
You will be given robes (kaftans) and slippers (babouches) for your use throughout your stay so the only things you will need to bring are: workout clothes, if interested, extra t-shirts and leggings in the winter, some comfortable loose clothing for meditation and yoga, a bathing suit, and one set of comfortable clothing for an excursion into town. Shampoo, conditioner, soap and body-lotion are provided, and the bathrooms are all equipped with hairdryers and bathrobes. You might want to bring sun cream and anti-mosquito spray.
Will I be able to have some clothes washed?
Our staff will be happy to wash and iron anything you need.
Do I need to bring any kind of medication?
Please bring your own prescription medication. We have an English and French speaking Doctor on call and an in-house emergency kit in case of minor aches, scrapes and pains.
What is the daily schedule?
You are free to engage in any, some, or none of our offered activities. Your time is your own and you will never feel pressured to do anything. This is one of the core elements of Harem.
I am allergic to certain foods/I am a vegetarian. Is that a problem?
Prior to arrival we will send you a small questionnaire asking you about food preferences and any allergies you might have. We will adjust your menu accordingly.
Do you have an internet connection?
We have a computer as well as wifi available.
Is the Harem staff multilingual?
Do I need to change money at the airport?
If you intend to make small purchases in the Souks you might want to carry some small bills; credit cards are widely accepted otherwise. Tipping of our staff is at your own discretion and can be done in any currency and on the Harem premises absolutely everything is included.
Do you allow smoking? None of us at Harem smoke, except for the occasional narguileh (waterpipe) after dinner. However, we have designated smoking areas so you won’t disturb other guests.
What if I have never done yoga or meditation before?
Our yoga teacher will guide you through a very soft and adapted form of yoga to make it accessible to beginners. Meditation, beneficial for improved focus and psychological trials and stress, is taught through a simple technique that you can use wherever and whenever you wish.
Is there a specific daily program? For practical reasons we have certain set times for activities like eating, yoga/meditation and body massages and you will hear a gong to announce these. The beauticians are on call from nine to six for your daily treatments, the hammam is heated day and night and you are encouraged to fill your time with whatever you fancy: reading, sunbathing, lounging, meditating, wandering, mountain-biking, chatting, copying recipes, going for a run, working out, swimming, discovering the gardens and sculptures, floating, getting pampered or just staring into space for hours on end!
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