Our Concept — Harem is a luxurious getaway for women longing to reinvigorate the body, mind and soul. Our guests are invited to escape into an oriental paradise where they leave behind the stresses of the world and let themselves be pampered with massages, facials, footbaths, hammams, body masks, yoga, meditation and deliciously healthy meals. The concept of a harem, which in Arabic means forbidden, or kept safe, has been turned on its head to create a unique experience that is both fun and fulfilling. At Harem there are no obligations, no restrictions, no demands, no complexes, and maybe most importantly, no guilt…since eighty percent of our profits go to a local charity destined to help young girls with their education and careers. Harem promises to restore your own natural rhythms in an environment that is both luxurious and inspiring.
Our Guests — Our guests are women who rarely have time for themselves. They may have demanding careers, challenging studies, busy households, or often a combination of these. They are women who want to rediscover their femininity and strive for a healthy, sensual, balanced life. They have a taste for luxury, but they are also committed to improving the world around them.
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Sandra Zwollo, the founder of Harem has lived in Morocco for over a decade and has been fascinated and inspired by Oriental traditions since her arrival. Originally Dutch, she has been living abroad for more than thirty years and created Café du Livre, a restaurant and bookstore in Marrakech, in 2005. She is also co-owner of a company called HabibiHomes, which rents out luxury private homes.
Sandra studied psychology and English literature at Columbia University and is passionate about great food, well-being, giving back and healthy living. In Marrakech, Sandra has carefully selected a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who share the Harem philosophy. The masseuses, beauticians, yoga teacher, and chef/nutritionist, as well as the local female staff, are all eager to serve guests with attention, thoughtfulness, and discretion.

Tara Stevens is a Chef/Nutritionist, food consultant, food writer and cook book author based in Barcelona of English nationality. She became interested in the food philosophy at Harem when she went as a journalist and began studying the principles of Chinese Food Therapy and how she could apply them to her own ideas of modern Moroccan cooking. When Sandra asked if she would be interested in cooking at Harem she jumped at the chance to share her own experiences of how eating this way can heal, nurture and ultimately enhance your way of living. She has published a Cookbook called: Clock, recipes from a Moroccan modern kitchen.
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Harem is committed to giving eighty percent of its profits to a local charity. In Marrakech we have chosen to support the Fondation Fourtou (, whose projects target mainly women and children. Harem funds go a local orphanage to help make it possible for selected young women to finish their education and set out in their professional lives. By staying at Harem, you contribute directly to the future of these girls.
Some of the staff at Harem have passed through this program and have received an excellent training that has allowed them to leave the orphanage.
Furthermore, at every Harem we respect the local environment by filtering our own drinking water to avoid using plastic bottles, recycling, avoiding pesticides, using grey water for irrigation and solar energy for bath water, and washing linens only when needed.
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